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We provide full servicing for TV channels /pay TV and FTA/ including sales and marketing. We fill media platforms with tv channels and video content. We provide complex services of content distribution and production, including new technologies and cooperation on development of applications as additional monetizing tools. Based on to our deep knowledge of the media market and effective and functioning processes we develop our customers’ potential and activities on all levels of the media scene and generate measurable results. Our sales and marketing team with strong expertise in the media industry will guide your project to a successful growth. Our expertise lies not only in setting up programming, program acquisition, TV channel distribution and marketing, but also in innovation and development of applications to support the most effective distribution of video content that will have positive impact on increase of your profit.

Our Vision

We bring business success to our partners through bringing entertainment & innovation to their customers.
Our vision is to anticipate and fulfil the needs and profit requirements of international media companies expanding into new territories or new distribution platforms. We take over projects from planning to sales representations, content deliveries, and platform constructions across multiple fields.

our mission

Our mission follows three key principles: Acceleration, Optimization and Communication.
Our goal is to ignite passion for individual media brands. We also strive to bring passion for a certain media products into the distribution chain, from content providers to media platform owners across Central and Eastern Europe.
We achieve this by optimal and effective communication for the entrusted brands. We provide added value to sales and marketing, enabling our clients to expand quickly. Jointly with our clients we build successful and profitable projects.



Our team consists of professionals in the field of media and telecommunication.
We are a team of sales and marketing professionals who works a wide scale of clients including international media companies from the CEE region, satellite, cable and IPTV operators and producers of mobile applications. Based on the request of our clients we also cooperate with other experts.

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Equipping customers with instruments boosting their profits and brand power


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Your first point of contacts

Erika Luzsicza

Company Founder
Erika has been active in the TV and video content area for over 10 years. Her expertize is sales, she specializes in exploiting the maximum potential of each project and managing them to be profit making. Her professional skills embrace strategy creation, planning, branding, positioning and also production of not only TV content. As founder of AXOCOM, she is your first contact person if you aim to penetrate the media scene in the CEE region.
Erika works with strong passion for business. Her ability to be accurate and maximally adapt to client’s individual needs maximize the achieved results. During her carrier she has worked with key players in the TV market, including leaders of satellite and cable businesses, full-format TV channels, providers of IPTV services and mobile operators.
Before founding AXOCOM, Erika held the position of the Managing Director in IKO Cable where she successfully launched Film+, the company’s first paid TV channel in the Czech and Slovak market. This success was followed by localization and launch of two additional thematic channels in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. For many years Erika has cooperated with Viacom Group, the global leader in the production of TV content and AXOCOM manages this channel portfolio including Nickelodeon, Comedy Cenral Extra, MTV and VH1 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Beyond her business activities, Erika is proud of being a multiple graduate of the Anthony Robbins’ Mastery University.

Branka Jočić

Sales Manager
Branka is responsible for the sales force and customer service within the Sales and Distribution Division and for managing the Pay TV portfolio of AXOCOM. She has worked in sales for more than 15 years. Branka closely cooperates with the founder of AXOCOM on various business projects.

Zdenka Jirků

Client Service Director
Zdenka is responsible for the entire administrative agenda of the company and looks after the daily communication with clients. She also coordinates the work within the team. Zdenka has long-term experience in office management. Her strength is to hold a project from the beginning until its end, paired with analytical thinking and ability to anticipate.

Petra Havlenová, DiS.

Office Manager
Petra is responsible for the entire administrative agenda of the company. Petra has long-term experience in office management. Her strength is to hold a project from the beginning until its end, paired with analytical thinking and ability to anticipate.

Yulia Mikhaylova

Junior Sales Support
Yulia is a student of economics and management and works in AXOCOM as junior sales support as part of her training. Yulia is very has strong administrative and analytical skills.

Team's Skills

We thrive for Excellence

Sales and distribution


  Business strategy




Project management


Value Creation and Value Capturing It shall not be either or


Sales Force

  •  Turns invisible opportunities into profits
  •  Generates prospects                            
  •  Collaborates with all key players          


  •  Reaching out to start up incubators         
  •  Introduces never before seen technology
  •  Exploits existing opportunities                  


  •  Celebrates true success              
  •  Connects people and businesses
  •  Builds businesses                         


  •  Return on Investment
  •  Return on Creativity   
  •  Return on Partnership


  •  Planning of patterns  
  •  Planning of ideas      
  •  Planning of actions   


  •  Creates break through plans
  •  Develops feasibility studies   
  •  Builds sustainable brands     

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fishig and hunting channel

English Club Tv

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ourCurrent Projects

AXOCOM takes over projects from content acquisition, planning and localisation to sales representations, content delivery, business administration, strategic marketing, PR and platform constructions across multiple fields, so that our clients can swiftly expand and flourish.

AXOCOM supports and provides sales, distribution, marketing and PR activities for the following portfolio of media companies/channels:


Viacom Global Hungary Kft.

Viacom is one of the biggest global media companies and leader in  production of TV content and tv channels. AXOCOM cooperates with Viacom on the expansion of this media group’s activities across selected markets in the CEE region, with the main focus on Czech Republic,  Slovakia and Bulgaria.


A+E Television Network

A+E  network is global media company with joint Ventura and channels all over the World.The international division oversees 50 channel around the world , reaching more than 300 milion subscribers in over 150 countries in 37 languages. Axocom is the exclusive distributor of A+E channels, History, History HD and C&I on the Czech and Slovak markets.


RTL Group/Interlinktrade

Interlinktrade has an agreement to provide back office and distribution services to RTL Group Hungarian channel portfolio in Slovakia and Romania. AXOCOM supplies services to Interlinktrade related to business development of their channel portfolio.


Thematic Group

The Fishing&Hunting brings practical advice and tips as the most modern techniques, latest novelties  in equipment and also recommend where and when to use them to reach the best results not only for fishermen and hunters but also to those who want to penetrate the mysteries of both these marvelous sports. This thematic channel is dedicated not only fishing and hunting but it is worth watching for lovers of unusual natural landscapes.
DoQ is an unique documentary channel with carefuly selected never before seen library of documents covering themes form history to nature.
Super One HD is a popular choice of operators and viewers when it comes to adult entertainment broadcasting 24 hours a day  in the best available HD quality (1920*1080).


English Club TV

Learning English has never been easier than with this unique educational TV channel. You switch on your TV and learn English for 24 hours a day in a comfort of your home with English Club TV.


Sapphire Media

Sapphire Media International is Europe’s leading distributor of adult entertainment to televisions and wireless devices.
Using its extensive library of adult programming acquired from the top producers worldwide, Sapphire Media International can provide either generic or tailor made broadcast solutions for any multi-media distribution network. The company combines an in-depth knowledge of the adult business with a cutting edge distribution and support network to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of content delivery, thereby increasing potential revenues and profitability for the customer. Sapphire media produces and broadcasts the quality adult entertainment channels Hustler TV, Hustler HD, Blue Hustler, Private TV and represents the Redlight TV


JOJ Group/JOJ Cinema, JOJ Family

The newest channel in AXOCOM distribution portfolio JOJ Family brings popular content of JOJ Group channels legally from Slovak to Czech market. With a great variety and premium movie content, both studio and independent production movie channel JOJ Cinema brings more than total 50 exclusive TV premieres for the Czech Republic or Slovakia a year and more than 150 latest film production annually to be added to the library.
The viewers can enjoy most of the movies broadcasted on the channel produced after 2009. All movies are available with Czech dubbing and are not being interrupted by advertisement. JOJ Cinema brings such movies as 12 years a slave, The Fall of London, The Expendables 3, Child 44 and much more…


AXN Europe

AXN, AXN HD, AXN Black, AXN White and SVOD service AXN NOW are the newest additions to our portfolio. AXOCOM is the exclusive sales and marketing agent for AXN channel portfolio in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Corporate social responsibility

Nadace Taťány Kuchařové





“Hloubětínský Paprsek” thanks to AXOCOM gets therapeutic activities for its clients
Civil association “Hloubětínský Paprsek” got a financial support from medial agency AXOCOM. Erika Luzsicza, CEO of AXOCOM, decides to help the clients of Paprsek with 70 000 CZK and handed over a check to the representatives of association. Money will be used for different activities such as relaxing stay on the countryside and sport and therapeutic activities (art therapy, music therapy, work therapy and so on)


Media Agency AXOCOM supported a Social Services Home Margaréta
Media agency AXOCOM decides to support a Social Services Home in Slovakia. The check for 5000 euro (over 140 000 CZK) was donated by the owner of the company Erika Luzsicza to the residents of the house. Money will be used for new windows and sunblinds in clients´ rooms and in the halls, to buy an equipment to a common room, especially furniture and TV set.

22nd Days of European Film Festival
AXOCOM is very proud to be a general partner of 22nd Days of European Film Festival /DEF/. The biggest European film festival in the Czech Republic will take place in Prague between 9th and 16th April 2015 and in Brno between 17th and 20th April 2015. This festival will introduce 41 movies from different genres produced in last 2 years on Europe. DEF is organised with the support of Ministry of Culture of The Czech Republic, Czech Cinematography Fund and City of Prague.
Also one of our clients, Mňam TV, became a medial partner of the festival and especially its part called “Film Flavour” which brings the unusual experience of food and movie connection.

Iglice – spolek maďarských rodičů v Praze